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9 January, 2003

East Wall Bull Pass

Another familiarization hike today. This time we investigated the East Wall of Bull Pass. Our base camp is on this side. Most of the East Wall towards McKelvey Valley is characterized by glacial deposits - bits of broken and scattered rock brought down by an ancient glacier that has long since disappeared. There are also a large number of ventifacts and of special interest will be the chemical and physical characteristics of the granite dikes that run up the side of the mountain toward a horizontal section known as the basement sill.

We will be back to study these dikes and the some of the broken rock (breccia) in the future.

1. Walking through this area feels like walking on another planet

2. The remnants of an ancient glacial melt pond.

3. Lunch behind a great wind blocking stone. That upper rock has probably been there for millions of years. I hope it stays there for another 20 minutes!

4. Sarah and Taber with the base camp in the background.

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