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28 December, 2002

MacTown, Part II

First of all, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife Kathy!

Before 1990 some of the waste generated at McMurdo was simply taken out to the sea ice and dumped. When the ice thawed the debris would sink. That practice has stopped and a robust recycling program exists now. I heard that 60% of the materials are recycled (such things as aluminum, construction debris, clothing, magazines, newspapers, etc.). All other waste is shipped back to the United States. Even the trash and waste we generate in the field will be brought back to McMurdo to be either recycled or shipped to the US.

1. The station store sells snacks, T-shirts, and has a video rental center

2. Bulletin boards announce upcoming classes and other station events

3. Recycle bins such as these help with station waste management

4. Recycle bins are located at several places on each floor of the dormitories

5. Bins are divided into different categories including food waste, burnables, paper, clothing, batteries, etc

6. Bins are also located outside the buildings and other various places at the station

7. A reverse-osmosis desalinization plant converts sea water to fresh water

8. The is a small hydroponics greenhouse at the station. The food for the residents are flown in however.

9. The greenhouse is humid, brightly lit, and is at a temperature around 90 degrees

10. Lettuce is grown in a nutrient-rich liquid

11. Ripe tomatoes

12. The plants get plenty of attention

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