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8 March, 2002

Recently I submitted a series of lesson plans for calculus students to design, build, and use a model rocket engine test stand. I received a SEED (Spreading Educator to Educator Developments) award. I also submitted an arcticle for NCTM's publication The Mathematics Teacher and was told that it has been accepted for publication. This project required students to use physics and calculus concepts to solve an engineering problem. The result of their work was useful to freshmen science students who study rockets and motion at the end of the year.

While not related to Antarctica this project parallels the type of research and application of math and science in a real world setting that I expect to be involved in soon. The project is available at the following web site:

http:/ /seed.mainecenter.org/application/files/packets/PDF100.pdf

Test Firing a Model Rocket Engine

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