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23 March, 2001

My Fairbanks part of the trip was a very worthwhile visit. I learned a great deal of what is to come this summer. The museum at the university was great. They teach a detailed history of the many native cultures. I was also able to spend my money on some excellent books to be used in my classroom. Upon my return Mrs. Feldman and Mrs. Murray helped the class build a totem and work on Arctic carvings (a few Antarctic also). As a result of my Fairbanks visit we will be studying more of the Arctic explorers as well as key ideas and facts about Alaska. Next journal entry will be when I return in June. Stay tuned+ICYgJg

The following pictures are some of the exhibits at the museum at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, and of my 5th grade class in the Butterfield School.

Here are some of the animals I may see on my trip. They are visiting the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in this picture.

My class worked on carvings with Mrs. Feldman and Mrs. Murray. These are both Arctic and Antarctic carvings

And last but definitely not least, here is my 5th grade class. Butterfield School Orange, MA with their totem and greetings!

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