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26 November, 1999

East Lake Bonney, Taylor Valley, Antarctica


Those of you who know me personally will be surprised to learn that for one of the few times in my life, I have been left speechless (the other times I was unconscious)! I will let the photos speak for themselves (with a few defining words).

We had flown via the Kiwi Iroquois to East Lake Bonney for water sampling.


A view of the Taylor Valley floor. Before launching the Viking probe to Mars, NASA scientists conducted experiments in the Dry Valleys because they believed that this area of the Earth most resembled the surface of Mars!

An East Lake Bonney ventifact. Ventifacts are rocks that have been sculptured by the wind.

Hughes Glacier near East Lake Bonney in the Taylor Valley.

Sharon on a slope near East Lake Bonney in the Taylor Valley.

Lake Hoare in the Taylor Valley. Lake Hoare is east of Lake Bonney.

Aerial view of Canada Glacier, near Lake Hoare, in the Taylor Valley.

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