28 October, 1998

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

Hi! I was very disappointed to get a call this morning from the ASA (Antarctic Support Associates) office to let me know that our flight was cancelled AGAIN! I was even more disppointed to find out that I had to switch hotels, since the Commodore was full tonight. I was really looking forward to checking in at 1:00 PM today and putting on the ECW gear and getting to McMurdo Station. Maybe tomorrow....I keep saying that.

I used the day as a "catch-up" time...and worked in the computer lab for hours and hours. Thanks to all of you who have been reading the journals and asking so many great questions.

Later I checked into my new accomodations...the Copthorne Hotel in downtown Christchurch, and had dinner with some old/and new friends. We went to a Thai restaurant (Christchurch has all kinds of good ethnic food) and I enjoyed meeting Fred, who works in McMurdo as a waste management and hazardous materials handler; Paul, who works at South Pole Station on something to do with the atmosphere; Anna, who travels to remote sights and works; and Brett, who is the head of cargo at South Pole Station. Anna, Brett and Paul have all worked in Antarctica previously, so it is neat to hear their stories from past seasons.

None of us stayed out late...our check-in time for tomorrow is 4:45 AM. I left a wake-up call for 4:00 AM...way too early for me. But, it will be worth it if tomorrow I can write to you from ANTARCTICA and McMurdo Station. Keep your finger crossed. Talk to you tomorrow!

Betty :)

P.S. I wanted to give you a few examples of Kiwi (New Zealand) words or phrases that I've found amusing...U.S. version comes first...Kiwi translation second.

yield give way

pharmacy chemist

small wee

okay good as gold

rotary round-about

call (phone) ring

take out food take away food

rock slide slip

car inspection warrant of fitness

I know there are more, but these are the first few that came to mind. Enjoy!

I hope that tomorrow I am seeing Antarctica for real....not just these displays in the Antarctic Centre.

As I get ready to leave (hopefully) for the ice tomorrow...I just wanted to thank the National Science Foundation, for giving me this amazing opportunity. The "Teacher's Experiencing Antarctica" program is bound to be a highlight of my teaching career.

Well folks....I hope this is my destination tomorrow morning. We'll see!

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