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Hello Students, Parents and Friends,

My name is Betty Trummel, an elementary (4th Grade) teacher at Husmann Elementary in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We are located 60 miles northwest of Chicago. I have taught here for the past ten years after moving from Boston, Massachusetts. I graduated from the University of Illinois and received a Masters in Outdoor Education from Northern Illinois University.

Why does a fourth grade teacher want to spend months in Antarctica? I have always professed to be "A Lifelong Learner". I love the outdoors and the wonders that the natural world offers. I constantly work to deliver this experience to both my students and the students in my entire district, School District #47. My TEA experience offers an opportunity to extend this offering into all area schools, elementary, middle and high schools alike. It also gives me the chance to share this experience with students and teachers across the United States and around the world.

I am married to Chris, an engineer and businessman, and am mother to four boys and two girls. I have developed and taught summer outdoor programs for the National Wildlife Federation for the past 14 summers, I hike, backpack, ski and kayak. In addition I am an avid photographer** and have published two orienteering maps. No wonder I can't wait to get "on ice" this year.

Please visit with me during my time in Antarctica by reading my journal postings. I will be at McMurdo in Crary Lab during much of my time there and I will have the opportunity to visit our drill site, 100 km from McMurdo Station. I look forward to sharing the Antarctic with you through my eyes and photos. And of course, write me back.

Paleomagnetic and Mineral Magnetic Characterization of Drill Cores from the Cape Roberts Project
Dr. Kenneth Verosub, Department of Geology
University of California at Davis, Davis, California

The primary goal of the Cape Roberts Project is to obtain the climate history of Antarctica for the past 65 million years. In parcticular the researchers are trying to study the history of Antarctic glaciation dating back to the Cretaceous period (which was the end of the dinosaurs). They also want to study the fragmentation (breaking up) of the supercontinent of Gondwanaland, and the location of the Antarctic continent during that period of time. To do this they will determine whether Antarctica was always located at the South Pole.

The researchers will be working on cores that are drilled from the bottom of the Ross Sea. The drilling season will be 2 months long. In Antarctica, the drill cores will initially be analyzed and characterized in the Crary Lab at McMurdo Station. The scientific study of the cores will include magnetostratigraphy (the study of magnetic properties), biostratigraphy (the study of fossils used to date sediments), petrography (the study of rock types), mineralogy (the study of minerals), and sedimentology (the study of the conditions under which the sediments were deposited).

Our team will be using magnetostratigraphy which is the study of the changes in the direction of the Earth's magnetic field as recorded by the rocks. The pattern of these changes can be used to determine the age of the core samples. Age determination is of importance in such a project because it will enable scientists to obtain a history of climatic and tectonic events in Antarctica.

Project description from: Antarctic Geology & Geophysics Program, Drs. Kenneth Verosub, Andrew Roberts, and Gary Wilson, University of California at Davis & The Byrd Polar Research Center at The Ohio State University

Thank's to Fuji Film and M&M Photo for supporting Betty's adventure by providing her with film.

Polar Classroom Activity:

Recipe For A Core: Learning To Take Scientific Notes

The Cape Roberts Project, located close to McMurdo, is near Mackay Glacier. The project is based from sea ice!

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