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15 December, 2001

We continue into the second day of the storm. Three tents are collapsed, and only two people slept in tents last night. When Emily Desmarais and I tried to check our tents, we made it as far as the guide rope only to find the guide rope missing. The ice axe was still there, but features only fifteen feet distant which led me to my tent earlier were no longer visible. It is very difficult to walk between buildings and do the necessary chores outside. We have to shout at each other, stay close, and don't stay outside long. This morning the strongest gust was recorded at 92 miles per hour. In addition, there seems to be more snow in the air as the storm progresses. Telephone communications are out, including the phone line and the data line (no-email or journal posting for me) and the High Frequency radio antenna is in shreds. We still have VHF radio communications with McMurdo. We have food and fuel, and are hunkered down for another day of reading, Monopoly playing, cards, and snoozing. It sure could be worse.

This is the pantry. It's the space between the outside door and the inside door to the hut. There was no snow in here 36 hours ago. I'm running out of things to take pictures of, here....

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