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Journals 2005/2006

Christine Leavor
Seneca Elementary, Salamanca, New York

"Water Quality in Rhode Island Coastal Waters"
R/V Cap'n Bert
August 8 - 19, 2005
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August 17, 2005
The Saga Continues

We met today at 8:30ish and loaded and set up in about an hour. We were underway at about 10:20. While waiting for Captain Tom, Kelly and I put together the filters we would be using.

The routine was the same, Ross drew the water, Kelly filtered for chlorophyll, I filtered for nutrients, the Acrobat did surface tests at each site, and then the two-hour tow back.

Filtering in action.   Ross hard at work.

Today was very hot! There was little, if any breeze and I drank lots of water to avoid getting sick. Of course, that meant more than one visit to the dreaded "head." But, I didn't get stuck again, and I learned how to flush without flooding the boat.

Wonderings.... I wonder why there are so few water skiers, tubers, or jet skis?

When we returned to dock, Dave said that Kelly didn't have anything for me to do tomorrow, and he had the twelve-hour cruise, so I had some books to read.