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Journals 2005/2006

Judy Reeves
Baldwin County High School, Bay Minette, Alabama

"Monitoring and Assessment of Tidal Creeks"
Hollings Marine Lab, Charleston, South Carolina
August 1-12, 2005
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August 12, 2005

I drove out to the lab for the last time, to say my goodbyes and thank you's. I told Guy how much respect I had for the job they do, but that I couldn't do it for love or money. He laughed and said he couldn't do my job, either! He said listening to me talk about my kids and classes, he realized how much I loved what I do, and that he'd never had a teacher like me-and he wished he had! I spent some time during this two-week period feeling useless and inadequate, so that really made me feel good. If one of the points of the ARMADA Project is to get teachers and scientists to deal with each other in mutual respect, it has been successful.

The Hollings mascot-resident alligator-I looked for her coming and going each day!