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Journals 2009/2010

Jason Pavlich
Red Hook Central High School, Red Hook, NY

"Estimation of Primary Productivity and Particle Export Rates as a Function of Phytoplankton Community Structure in the Bering Sea"
R/V Thompson
June 15 - July 15, 2010
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June 12, 2009
Second Time Around

My name is Jason Pavlich and I have been teaching chemistry at Red Hook Central High School in Red Hook, New York for 10 years. Tomorrow I will be traveling to Alaska to aid in the Bering Ecosystem Study, otherwise known as BEST. The overall objective of this research cruise is to describe the lower trophic levels of the Bering Sea ecosystem under a variety of environmental conditions. I will meet up with Roger Kelly, a marine research scientist from the University of Rhode Island, in Dutch Harbor, Alaska (home to the Discovery Channel's popular series The Deadliest Catch) and board the R/V Thompson for a 4-week adventure on the high seas.

This trip is made possible through the ARMADA Project, a NSF funded research and mentoring experience for teachers. This will be my second ARMADA Project assignment as I previously traveled to the Canadian High Arctic two and a half years ago to participate in the Circumpolar Flaw Lead Study. A once in a lifetime learning experience has become twice in a lifetime for me. For this, I am immensely grateful. I hope to be able to update this journal daily while I am gone so that my students, my family, and my friends back home can share in this wonderful opportunity that has been given to me. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy following along.

"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn."
-John Cotton Dana