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Journals 2004/2005

Eric Goff
Hedgesville High School, Hedgesville, West Virginia

"Monitoring harmful algal blooms using
autonomous sampling platforms"

R/V Suncoaster
August 2-6, 2004
Journal Index:
August 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

August 5- Day Four

I arose at my usual 3:30 to get to my post only to find out we had completed our research without finding any of the brevis (aka red tide). It had been discussed at length throughout the night whether or not it would be cost effective to continue to search for brevis or to cut the cruise short by a day.

When we arrived back on shore, my researchers gave me the opportunity to join them in the lab the following day as they ran detailed analysis on the samples they had collected. I eagerly jumped at the chance, especially since I originally was not going to have such an opportunity. We unloaded the vessel and everyone decided to cut the day a bit short and be back in the lab the next day to begin analyzing the data and samples.

The main bone of contention for me was not felt immediately. After a few minutes on shore, my legs began to feel odd. I was told this is "dock rock". I had gotten accustomed to the motion on the boat, and was told I would have this feeling for a few hours until I had readjusted to dry land.

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