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Journals 2005/2006

Julie Long
Farnsworth Middle School, Guilderland, NY

"Late-summer Ecosystems Monitoring Survey"
R/V Albatross IV
August 12-25, 2005
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August 12, 2005
Woods Hole

I just arrived at my hotel in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Tomorrow I will be boarding the Albatross IV and setting sail for 2 weeks at sea. I'm nervous and excited. I just walked to town and saw the boat. Up until that moment, the idea of this adventure was very ambiguous- suddenly it is real.

My first view of the Albatross IV. The gates were closed for the night so I couldn't get closer.

As a teacher at sea with the ARMADA project, I will be aboard the Albatross to help with the Ecosystem-monitoring project, which will be headed by Jerry Prezioso of NOAA Fisheries in Narragansett, Rhode Island. I know that we will be doing tows for plankton but I'm pretty much in the dark about how the whole operation works. I will find out tomorrow!

I met Joan Raybourn tonight. She is a teacher at sea with the NOAA program. We're staying in the same hotel and so we are going to breakfast and to the boat together in the morning. It relieves some anxiety having someone to embark on this journey with!