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Journals 2009/2010

Jacqui Smoler
St Peter's College, Adelaide, South Australia

"Great Barrier Reef with Daily Sampling From Small Boats"
Heron Island Marine Research Centre, Heron Island, Queensland, Australia
November 11-16, 2009
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November 15, 2009
Snorkeling at Broomfield Reef

H109-23, Reef Crest, 1-2 m, Broomfield Reef

Today I got up early and was on board the Chromis at 7.00 am ready for a snorkeling expedition to Broomfield Reef, which was about a half hour journey from Heron Island. My fellow snorkelers Rob, Holly, Abby and I spent about an hour collecting sand sediments in the hope of finding crab and algal specimens. There was a strong undercurrent which made it difficult to stay in one position. Looking around I decided to take some photographs of the beautiful surrounds. After the expedition I found myself tiring quickly as I made my way to the Chromis and eventually conceded that I had drifted too far away to have enough energy to swim back to the boat. I signaled to Aaron who pulled up the anchor and motored over to where I was to pick me up. I then heaved myself up onto the boat glad to be able to rest and have something to eat. Later that morning when we caught up with the other scientists who were diving, I was to learn that all of them had suffered the same plight as myself, finding the undercurrent was sapping them of their energy and they too, had to wait it out until their boat collected them. My ego was saved! While motoring around finding a place to do my photo shoot with professional underwater photographer, Gary Cranitch, Aaron pointed out a pod of dolphins and a lone green turtle swimming about not far from the boat. Rob jumped off the boat to try and catch up with the dolphins but they were too quick for him and swam off into the distance.

Broomfield Reef (Image: Jacqui Smoler)
Collecting specimens at Broomfield while having a photo shoot with professional underwater photographer Gary Cranitch (Image: Gary Cranitch)

A Yellow Tip reef shark greets the Chromis as she enters the jetty area surrounding Heron Island. (Image: Jacqui Smoler)
Helping Dr. Charlotte Watson sort through her polychaete collection (Image: Jacqui Smoler)

Sunset view from Heron Island (Image: Jacqui Smoler)