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TEA Arctic Projects

Spring/Summer 2001



Christine Donovan
Desert View High School, Tucson, Arizona

Arctic Ecosystems in Barrow, Alaska

4 June to late July

Dena Rosenberger
El Capitan High School, Lakeside, California

Atmosphere and Climate Studies aboard Research Vessel Oden in the Arctic Ocean

29 June to 6 September 2001

Ethan Forbes
Butterfield School, Orange, Massachusetts

Prehistoric Cultures in Alaska

24 June to 1 August 2001



Elizabeth Youngman
Phoenix Country Day School, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Snow and Atmospheric Studies at Summit, Greenland

12 July to 20 August

Scott McComb
Franklin Alternative Middle School, Columbus, Ohio

Glacial Geology at Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

16 July to 31 July

Michele Adams
Musselman Middle School, Bunker Hill, West Virginia

Geology aboard Research Vessel Healy in the Arctic Ocean

29 July to October

Spring 2002


Dena Gershon
Lanai Road Elementary, Encino, California

Alaskan Inupiat Cultures in the Bering Strait

1 February to 30 March 2002



TEA Antarctic Projects

Fall/Winter 2001

Starting in October


Jan French
Cincinnati Country Day School, Cincinnati, Ohio

ITASE Project: Glacial and Climate History Studies, West Antarctic Ice Sheet

20 October to 1 January

Jason Petula
Tunkhannock Area High School, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

AMANDA Project: Astrophysics at South Pole Station

October to January



Tina King
Wilson County Schools, West Elementary School, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Marine Biology at Explorers Cove, McMurdo Sound and McMurdo Station

2 November to 10 December

Jennifer Kabo

Development of the Transantarctic Mountains

5 November to 10 December 2001

Marietta Cleckley
Uniondale High School, Uniondale, New York

Environmental Studies at McMurdo Station

11 November to 21 December

Tim Vermaat
Chenango Forks Central School, Binghamton, New York

Geology at Mt. Erebus Volcano

12 November to 22 December



Susan Cowles
Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, Oregon

Long Term Ecological Research Project at Palmer Station

2 January to 6 February 2002


To Be Announced


Juanita Ryan
Toyon Elementary School, San Jose, California

Searching for Meteorites



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