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Journals 2004/2005

Debbie Quintero
St. Lucie West Middle School, Port Saint Lucie, Florida

I. "Biological and Cultural Resources
at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary"

Woods Hole, Massachusetts
June 20-25, 2004

II. "Analyzing Data from the Nancy Foster Cruise"
The University of Maine's
Darling Marine Center
Walport, Maine
July 7-16, 2004
Journal Index:
June Intro - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25
(I. Woods Hole, Massachusetts)

July 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16
(II. Darling Marine Center, Walport, Maine)

II. DAY NINE: THURSDAY, July 15, 2004

This is my last day at the center. This morning I continued my work with the video transects. Before lunch I toured the downstairs aquiculture area. I was given a tour of the tanks being used to raise lobsters. Each tank was filled with lobsters ranging in size from a centimeter to full grown. Darling also sponsors many community outreach programs for children. I happened upon a group of pre-scholars getting their first taste of marine biology. After lunch Betsy helped me come up with ideas for my virtual Nancy Foster cruise and research plans for my students. We were able to copy several of the transect videos. She gave me copies of the data recording sheets which I will modify for their research. We discussed ways for my students to collect samples using children's swimming pools to represent the sampling areas. I have some great ideas now, I just need to work on the details and funding. It was a very productive day. I returned to the cabin to pack.

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