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Journals 2007/2008

Megan O'Neill
Fairhope High School, Fairhope, Alabama

"The development of an Arctic ice stream dominated sedimentary system, the southern Svalbard Continental Margin (SVAIS)"
Spanish Research Vessel,
B.I.O Hesperides
July 29 - August 17, 2007
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August 1, 2007
Wednesday o Miércoles - Shifting Seas

Not much sleep last night, as the seas picked up and some metal rods were rocking back and forth in our room with each rock of the ship. Finally I got them settled so Maite could sleep when I left for my 4am shift. The waves quieted some during the middle of the day, but then picked up again in the afternoon. So much so that the officers instructed us that no one was to go outside on deck for any reason and that it may get worse throughout the day tomorrow.

Our location in the morning shift was 75°59.20'N and 14°09.02'E and 75°48.60'N and 14°04.85'E in the evening shift. Our speed was approximately 8.5 knots (we cannot travel faster than 10 knots to be able to get the sonar signal). The depth to the sea floor was approximately 550m. Due to the rougher seas, the quality of the data received from the multibeam sonar was decreasing. Toni explained as the ship rocks, an air bubble gets pushed beneath the ship and the sound waves are scattered.

My cultural lesson for the day was during lunch. Alena described it as arroz negro con calamares y bacalao. This is squid cooked in its ink with rice and served with cod. She said that it was a popular dish in Spain, although most foreigners did not like it because of its appearance. I tried it and it was actually quite good. I love the fact that I am not only learning about scientific research, but also the Spanish language and culture - it is such an incredible experience!

Lunch in the cafeteria (Paco, Jaume, Jose Luis, Ben, Megan)