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Journals 2007/2008

Megan O'Neill
Fairhope High School, Fairhope, Alabama

"The development of an Arctic ice stream dominated sedimentary system, the southern Svalbard Continental Margin (SVAIS)"
Spanish Research Vessel,
B.I.O Hesperides
July 29 - August 17, 2007
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August 3, 2007
Friday/Viernes: Changing Seas

Since yesterday, we have been forbidden by the Naval Officers to exit to the outside decks due to the rough seas. This is FINE with me, because I have no desire to be swept out to sea here in the Arctic - that could ruin my whole trip :). Fortunately, this afternoon the seas quieted and we can return to going outside. Based on the weather conditions, Angelo has decided that we will attempt to take core samples tomorrow. We had a meeting at 18:30 for him to debrief us on the data that we have collected so far and to go over the plan for core samples. He explained that we are traveling down the slope and he hopes to get up to three cores tomorrow with the good weather. Angelo said that two people will need to stay in the lab to continue to record sonar and the rest not involved in the coring can watch from the helicopter deck. He also announced that with permitting seas, we will core again on Sunday and I will give my presentation on the ARMADA Project and my home.

This afternoon we reached a depth of over 1,000 m for the first time! How exciting! It was on our 10th pass and we were traveling at about 10 knots at 75°24.37'N and 14°01.20'E.

I was able to use the satellite phone that VECO provided today to call home, too! What a nice thing! I even got to go up to the bridge (control room at the top) to use the upper deck to get the best signal for the satellites for the phone.

This morning I was introduced to a great Spanish treat - Membrillo, which is made from quince (a fruit that we apparently have in the U.S. - I will have to investigate). We ate it on crackers, but Alena says that it is also good on Manchilla cheese - yum, yum!

Megan and Alena