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Journals 2008/2009

Nancy Sills
Creekside School, Cataula, GA

"Assessment of Freshwater Resources Offshore New England and Marine Mammal Observing"
August 12 - 25, 2009
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August 23, 2009
Safe Harbor

The term safe harbor certainly means more to me now. As 12-18 foot waves battered Nantucket Island and the exposed coastline of the northeast, we sat in the Bay and didn't experience any huge swells or massive waves. The hurricane has come and gone in the night and we are getting ready to get back to work.

We are losing Dan and Nathan back to Woods Hole as we swap them for Rob Evans and Matthew Gould. Before they left we took a picture of the research team and then the whole group.

Lead Research Group

The whole research group

Rob Evans and Matthew Gould of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute came on board and immediately started to work on securing their equipment. They talked to the Captain about where they wanted to take their data. They had to be careful that the seas were still not over 6 feet, as the instrument could not be deployed. Tomorrow we will find out as we move back out to sea.