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Journals 2008/2009

Nancy Sills
Creekside School, Cataula, GA

"Assessment of Freshwater Resources Offshore New England and Marine Mammal Observing"
August 12 - 25, 2009
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August 24, 2009
New toys to play with!

Bright and early, with the seas rolling, we deployed the Electro Magnetic Surveying System. We were south of Martha's Vineyard and it will be towed along the sea floor until tonight after midnight. Data would be collected to see if there was any fresh water seeping out in to the ocean.

The bosun, Pat Quigley, who is in charge of deck operations, which includes safety, decided to put up another pulley to help support this heavy equipment being pulled along the ocean floor. This had to be completed before the EMSS was deployed. He had to crawl up on the A-frame in 6-7 feet swells. We watched as he climbed up and secured the pulley. Better than the circus!

Pat to the rescue

After that was done the extra line was attached to the EMSS. The equipment was lowered over the side and allowed to sink to the bottom. The line that would connect it to the computer in the lab was played out and all was secured.

Ready to deploy
I held the winches lines out of the way so that they would not get tangled in the A-frame's movement.

Mid-afternoon the EMSS stopped reporting data and it was pulled in. The sparker with one channel streamer was deployed. The marine mammal observers were back on duty, as they can't use the sparker without them watching. Around 11:00 p.m. it was pulled in and we headed to port!