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Journals 2009/2010

Daphne Rawlinson
West University Elementary, Houston, Texas

"Sound Localization in Plainfin Midshipman Fish"
Bodega Bay Marine Lab, Bodega Bay, California
July 17 - July 26, 2009
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July 26, 2009
Good-bye Bodega Bay, Hello California Academy of the Sciences

We packed last night in preparation for an early departure this morning to San Francisco, California. We planned to make a stop at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco before we went to the airport. This was an amazing experience! We have wonderful museums in Houston, but the California Academy of Science was a state-of-the-art museum. We had the opportunity to view many exhibits, including the rainforest exhibit! It was incredible. The docents were helpful and could answer almost any question.

Rainforest Exhibit
Main Floor Exhibit

Maria and I continued our journey through the California Academy of the Sciences until we found the Steinhart Aquarium. We were wondering if they would have an exhibit starring the Plainfin Midshipmen Fish. After searching for a long while, we came across a tiny aquarium with one lonely Midshipmen Fish. Due to its size, Maria and I concluded it must have been a type I male. We felt so sorry for the little guy because be barely had enough room to move in the aquarium. You can get more information about the Steinhart Aquarium.

My favorite exhibit was the African Penguins. They were so full of life! They really put on a show for the museum spectators.

African Penguins

It has been a wonderful week working in Bodega Bay with Dr. Sisneros and his team. I want to thank everyone who made this a special experience for me.

Dr. Joe Sisneros
Maria Gomez
Dr. Andy Bass