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Journals 2005/2006

Debra Slade-Redden
New Caney High School, New Caney, Texas

"Platts Bank Survey"
R/V Galatea
July 10-24, 2005
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July 18, 2005
A day at the lab

This day was perfect to work in the lab. It was extremely foggy and visibility was low, making a cruise nearly impossible. We were waiting for the other scientists to arrive at the research center. Lew instructed me to help Nick by inputting data on a spreadsheet.

When Nick arrived, he got the logbook with our data from the cruises, and I entered all the data into an Excel spreadsheet. Heather was busy making graphs of bird and mammal sightings from the boat. Moriah was busy with the task of identifying and counting the many samples of plankton that had been collected. Adam and Nick attempted to decipher the TAPS data. The day passed very quickly. Our goal was to decipher and categorize all the data before Wednesday when we would hopefully have another trip on the boat. We would search for holes in our data and we would know what areas remain to be tested.

Moriah preparing plankton.