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Journals 2005/2006

Debra Slade-Redden
New Caney High School, New Caney, Texas

"Platts Bank Survey"
R/V Galatea
July 10-24, 2005
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July 20, 2005
Meetings and an overnighter

Our day started with a 9 a.m. meeting with everyone on the research team, plane and boat. It was discussed that after the overnighter we were going to do tonight, there would be only 4 cruises left on the contract. The remaining nights would be used as follows; one night for towing the fish finder, one day to be devoted to the CTD and TAPS.

Our game plan was to leave the dock at 1p.m. for an overnighter. Since we had a videographer (Matthew) with us we would wait until the plane informed us of "hot spots" and then we would go to the area of highest activity. We also took the Zodiac (a small boat) with us since 9 people would be aboard the boat.

Zodiac on Galatea. View full version pop-up.

We left the dock a little after 1 p.m. The plane sent us to a previous "hot spot." We saw whales in the area but they weren't feeding and there was no Calanus and krill present. We did two or three stations and then we tow the fish. At about 6p.m. we stopped to cook supper. Once again, Adam went fishing and caught a haddock he added to the menu of pasta and salad.

Crew enjoying a delicious supper. View full version pop-up.

We stayed in the area and watched some whale and dolphin activity. We were all on the bow watching a Mola mola and suddenly he breached. Everyone couldn't believe their eyes! How does something so large and slow lift itself out of the water?

Mola mola as seen from plane. View full version pop-up.

Matthew and Lew took the Zodiac to get shots of the boat and to get a closer look at a group of whales. The sunset was beautiful and a full moon quickly took its place. All was calm and we spent the night towing the fish over many transects.

Matt and Lew going out on Zodiac. View full version pop-up.   Lew on Zodiac. View full version pop-up.   Another beautiful sunset. View full version pop-up.