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Journals 2004/2005

Catherine Roberts
Western Branch Middle School, Chesapeake, VA

"Study of frontal zones in
the vicinity of Cape Hatteras"

R/V Cape Henelopen
July 31 - August 14, 2004
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July 28/31

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August 10, 2004

And the Science Goes On

Again we appreciate the sunny skies and calm seas. We spend the day retracing grids from Shelf Water across the Gulf Stream checking salinity and temperature with the scanfish. The riddle of the day is: If we continued East from Outer Banks, NC at latitude 35° 58' where we end up on the other side of the Atlantic? Bets are placed on Africa and Southern Europe. A look at the electronic chart sows we would travel right through the Straits of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea.

It was an exciting day for sea life. Lots of jellyfish. Many Mola Molas which we speculate are feeding on the jellies. Also several Cuvier's Beaked Whale sitings, Bottlenose Dolphins, and our old standbys, Pilot Whales. Birds included Gulls, Shearwaters, and Petrels. Several sharks including a Hammerhead were spotted in the waters.

A red sunset promises another good day to follow. During the night watch, Spotted Dolphins swam along the starboard side. As Frank and Brian watched, a dolphin headed toward the side, jumped out of the water, and turned in the air to splash water onto the deck. A coincidence?? Or an invitation to play?

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