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Journals 2004/2005

Catherine Roberts
Western Branch Middle School, Chesapeake, VA

"Study of frontal zones in
the vicinity of Cape Hatteras"

R/V Cape Henelopen
July 31 - August 14, 2004
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August 1, 2004
The Weather Thickens

Back to the boat this AM to finish last minute assembly of CTD's, Electronics, Buoys, and Moorings. New weather report - storm land fall predicted between Cape Hatteras and the Hudson River. The Atlantic Ocean will be too rough to deploy buoys for a few New Plan. We will head across the Delaware Bay into the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal and down the Chesapeake Bay hopefully avoiding rough seas. Everything that can move has been tied down, drawers in the dry lab have been claimed for personal items, gear stowed on bunks, and power cord taken ashore.

1100. Dock lines are cast off and we sail.

A warm, calm trip down the Chesapeake Bay makes it hard to believe that a tropical storm is blowing at sea. An evening meeting with Capt. Bill is held to review safety: muster stations, locations of life jackets (pfds), and survival suits. The meeting ends with an emergency signal drill. It is LOUD.

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