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Journals 2004/2005

Catherine Roberts
Western Branch Middle School, Chesapeake, VA

"Study of frontal zones in
the vicinity of Cape Hatteras"

R/V Cape Henelopen
July 31 - August 14, 2004
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July 28/31

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August 7, 2004
Smooth Sailing

The winds have eased and the ocean is laying down. The scan fish is deployed and busily transmitting data again. A Loggerhead Turtle ambles by.

1200. The data grid is completed for this part of the ocean and the scan fish is returned to the deck. A pod of Short Fin Pilot Whales lazily surfaces and dives off the ship's port bow. A CTD is taken and an OS 200 deployed. We repeat this four times along the grid line. The calm seas make things much easier.

The evening ends with a rally of the ship's crew and scientists on the fantail to float three Drifter Buoys along the transect. Each drifter references a website on the project and requests the finder to note the latitude and longitude and call an 800 number to report.

The sunset is stunning. "Red skies at night, sailors delight"?? And we steam for Cape Charles to refuel.

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