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Mark Harris
Layton High School, Layton, UT

"Antarctic Crabeater Seal Tagging and Icefish Adaptation Studies
Research Vessel Laurence M. Gould
May 9, 2007 - June 6, 2007
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May 13, 2007
Mother's Day on the Drake Passage

We entered the Drake Passage this afternoon. For most of the day we sailed down the coast of Argentina. I really enjoyed seeing the most southern tip of South America. The Drake is well known for its wind, waves, and unpredictability. We are experiencing 15 foot swells which are making the ship rock. There are a few seasick humans on the ship but what I have heard it could be a lot worse.

I tried to call my mother on the Irdium phone we have on the ship. Her number is programmed into my cell phone which, unfortunately, is back in Utah. I will be in trouble - not calling on mother's day. Hopefully when she reads my journal I will be off the hook.

My project for the day was cutting up mackerel and sardines to be placed in bags and used for bait. The bags of fish pieces will be put into large fish pots and used as bait to catch the bottom feeding icefish. I did learn the icefish blood density is less than salt water with some pretty cool anti-freeze properties in it.

Just another day closer to Antarctica, still excited, and still having fun!

Cutting icefish bait