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TEA Parcticipants by State

Michele Adams (2001/2002)
Musselman Middle School, Bunker Hill, West Virginia
Forming Ocean Crust at Gakkel Ridge with Dr. Peter Michael

Myrtle Brijbasi (1998/1999)
Suitland High School, Forestville, Maryland
River Otters & Oil Contamination with Dr. Merav Ben-David

David E. Brown (2003/2004)
St. Peter School, Quincy, Illinois
Arctic Environmental Observatory with Lee W. Cooper & Jacqueline M. Grebmeier

Tim Buckley (1998/1999)
Barrow High School, Barrow, Alaska
Chemical & Biological Analyses of Arctic Pack Ice with Dr. Deb Meese

Betty Carvellas (2002/2003)
Essex High School, Essex Junction, Vermont
The Shelf-Basin Initiative (SBI) with Dr. Jackie Grebmeier

April Cheuvront (2002/2003)
Table Rock Middle School, Morganton, North Carolina
Snow, Weather, and Shrubs--Pathways of Change in the Arctic with Matthew Sturm

Timothy Conner (1998/1999)
Chenango Forks Central School, Chenango Forks, New York
Archaeologic Dig in Deering, Alaska with Dr. Glenn Sheehan

Kathy Couchon (2003/2004 Armada Project)
Narragansett Pier Middle School, Rhode Island
Integrated Ocean Drilling Project's Arctuc Coring Expedition

Besse Dawson (2000/2001)
Pearland High School, Pearland, Texas
Seasonal Differences in Air - Snow Chemical Relationships
Summit, Greenland with Dr. Jack Dibb

Christine Donovan (2001/2002)
Desert View High School, Tucson, Arizona
Regional Variability in Carbon and Energy Fluxes: Toward Global Synthesis with Dr. Walt Oechel

Ethan Forbes (2001/2002)
Butterfield School, Orange, Massachusetts
Late Prehistoric Cultural Dynamics and the Subsistence Parameters of Whaling at Wales, Alaska with Dr. Roger K. Harritt

Amie K. Foster (2003/2004)
Simmons Middle School, Aurora, Illinois
Investigating Change in the Nearshore Kotzebue Sound Ecosystem with Lisa Clough, Ph.D., Jeffrey Johnson, Ph.D. and David Griffith, Ph.D.

Dena Gershon (2001/2002)
Lanai Road School, North Hollywood, California
Change and Its Impact on Culture, Economy and Identity in Three North Bering Strait Slaskan Inupiat Societies with Dr. Carol Zane Jolles

Marvin Giesting (2000/2001)
Connersville High School, Connersville, Indiana
Dye Tracer Study of the Matanuska Glacier Subglacial Hydrologic System
Matanuska Glacier, Alaska with Dr. Edward Evenson, Lehigh University

Shannon Graham (2002/2003)
Washington School for the Deaf, Vancouver, Washington
Measurement and Modeling of the Variability of Lake Ice Growth and Decay in Alaska with Dr. Martin O. Jeffries, PhD and Kim Morris

Kim Hanisch (2002/2003)
Ogallala High School, Ogallala, Nebraska
Breeding Biology of King Eiders (Somateria spectabilis)and Other Birds in the Vicinity of Teshekpuk Lake with Robert Suydam

Ron Hochstrasser (2002/2003)
Sycamore Community High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Insect Adaptation to Polar Climate with Dr. Jack Duman and Dr. Brian Barnes

Michele Hauschulz (1999/2000)
Waianae High School, Waianae, Hawaii
Breeding Biology of Steller's Eiders in Barrow, Alaska with Dr. Robert Suydam

Todd Hindman (2000/2001)
Anvil City Science Academy, Nome, Alaska
Mooring and Coring - Scientific Testing on the Icebreaker USCGC Healy
U.S.C.G Healy with Dr. Lisa Clough and Dr. Larry Lawver

Chuck Kim (1996/1997)
Cherry Hill High School East, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Antenna Array Installation for Monitoring Atmospheric Changes in Greenland with Dr. Denise Thorsen

Susan Klinkhammer (2000/2001)
Lincoln School, Corvallis, Oregon
Sea Ice Trials aboard the U.S. Coast Guard ice breaker Healy
U.S.C.G Healy with Dr. Kelly Falkner

Catherine Koehler (2000/2001)
Manchester High School, Manchester, Connecticut
Greenland with Konrad Steffen, University of Colorado at Boulder

Sandra Kolb (2000/2001)
Educational Consultant, Poulsbo, Washington
Icebreaking performance of the USCGC Healy
Terry Tucker, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Terry Lashley (1997/1998)
Exploring Arctic Aquatic Ecosystems at Toolik Field Station, Alaska with Dr. John Hobbie

Lars Long (2003/2004)
DeLong Middle School, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Greenland's Ice Sheet: Tales of the Past and a Look into the Future with Joe McConnell

Scott McComb (2001/2002 and 2004)
Franklin Alternative Middle School, Columbus, Ohio
Using Seismic Reflection and Ground-Penetrating Radar to Examine Shallow Stratigraphy of the Matanuska Glacier, Alaska with Dr. Greg Baker (2001/2002)
Study pollutants in Arctic freshwater systems with Yu-Ping Chin from The Ohio State University.(2004)

Dora Gilmore Nelson (2003/2004)
Carolina Day School, Asheville, North Carolina
HARC - Human Dimensions of Arctic Systems with Amanda Lynch

John Nevins (1997/1998)
Crandon High School, Crandon, Wisconsin
The Active Layer in the Arctic Tundra - Possible Implications for Global Warming: Kuparuk River Basin with Dr. Fritz Nelson

Marge Porter (1994/1995)
Somers High School, Somers Connecticut
Lake Ice Formation and Heat Flux with Dr. Martin Jefferies

Donald Rogers (1998/1999)
Rogers High School, Spokane, Washington
Influence of Arctic Tundra on the Atmosphere with Dr. Fritz Nelson

James Rogers (2003/2004)
Polson High, Polson, Montana
CTD/Hydrographic and Underway Service Measurements for the Shelf-Basin Interactions Phase II Field Project with Dr. James Swift

Janice Rosenberg (2000/2001)
Wellington School, Belmont, Massachusetts
Sea Ice Trials aboard the U.S. Coast Guard ice breaker Healy
U.S.C.G Healy with Dr. Kelly Falkner

Dena Rosenberger (2001/2002)
El Capitan High School, Lakeside, California
Sources of Parcticles Over the Arctic Ocean and their Climactic Relevance with Dr. Patricia Matrai

Jay Schauer (2000/2001)
Wilsonville High School, Wilsonville, Oregon
Mooring and Coring - Scientific Testing on the Icebreaker USCGC Healy
U.S.C.G Healy with Dr. Lisa Clough and Dr. Larry Lawver

Robert Schlichting (1999/2000)
Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, Vancouver, Washington
Outbursts Flood from an Ice-Dammed Lake at Kennicott Glacier with Dr. Andrew Fountain (1999/2000)
Investigation of Englacial Condiut Formation and Evolution with Dr. Andrew Fountain (2001)

Kathie Stevens (2001/2002)
Farragut Primary School, Knoxville, Tennessee
Hydrographic Change and Effects on Bivalve Communities and Top Avian Consumers in the Bering Sea with Dr. Jackie M. Grebmeier, Dr. Lee Cooper and Dr. Jim Lovvorn

Dallas Trople (2002/2003)
Sedro-Woolley High Schoo,Sedro-Woolley, Washington
Seismic Study using Ground Penetrating Radarwith Dr. Greg Baker

Elizabeth Youngman (2001/2002)
Phoenix Country Day School, Paradise Valley, AZ
Snowpack and Atmospheric Photochemistry with Dr. Roger Bales

Anne Zellinger (1999/2000 and 2000/2001)
Kahuku High and Intermediate School, Kahuku, Hawaii

Peter Amati (1992, 1999)
Holliston High School, Massachusetts
Sea Ice Investigations in Weddell Sea Aboard R/V N.B. Palmer with Dr. Tony Gow
A Cold Desert Ecosystem Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) McMudro Dry Valleys with Dr. W. Berry Lyons

Frederick Atwood (1998/1999)
Flint Hill School, Oakton, Virginia
Antifreeze in Antarctic Fish with Dr. David Petzel

Lori Bachle(1998/1999)
Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska
Antifreeze in Antarctic Fish with Dr. David Petzel

Shawn Beightol (1998/1999)
Turner Technical Arts High School, Miami, Florida
Exploring Deep Sea Ridges in Bransfield Basin with Dr. Klinkhammer

Carole Bennett (1996/1997)
Gaither High School, Florida
Measuring Snow Accumulation and Change on the Ross Ice Shelf with Dr. David Braaten

Elke Bergholz (1998/1999)
United Nations International School, New York, New York
Monitoring Climate Change at South Pole Station with Dr. David Hoffman

Sue Bowman (1998/1999)
Lebanon High School, Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Antarctic Astrophysics - Program AMANDA at South Pole Station with Dr. Buford Price

Colleen B. Brogenski (2003/2004)
St. John's School, Houston, Texas
Mt. Erebus with Dr. Philip Kyle

Margaret Brumsted (1996/1997)
Dartmouth High School, Rhode Island
Ozone and the Impact of Ultraviolet Radiation on Phytoplankton in the Antarctic Peninsula Region aboard R/V Polar Duke with Dr. Wade Jeffrey

Andy Caldwell (2002/2003)
Douglas County High School , Castle Rock, Colorado
Antarctic Search for Meteorites with Dr. Ralph Harvey and Dr. Nancy Chabot

Marietta Cleckley (2001/2002)
Uniondale High School, Uniondale, New York
Spatial and Temporal Scales of Human Disturbance - McMurdo Station, Antarctica with Dr. Mahlon C. Kennicutt

Susan Cowles (2001/2002)
Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, Oregon
Long-Term Ecological Research Project at Palmer Station, Antarctic Penisula with Dr. Hugh Ducklow and Dr. Rebecca Dickhut

Jennifer Curtis (2001/2002)
Shoultes Elementary School, Marysville, WA
TransAntarctic Mountains SEISmic Experiement (TAMSEIS), a broadband seismic experiment to investigate deep continental structure across the East-West Antarctic boundary with Dr. Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Dr. Andrew Nyblade and Dr. Douglas Wiens

Besse Dawson (1997/1998 and 2000/2001)
Pearland High School, Pearland, Texas
Exploring the Critical Role of Bacterioplankton in the Ecosystem of the Antarctica Ocean aboard the R/V L. Gould with Dr. David Karl

John Deaton (2003/2004)
Raytheon Polar Services, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Mary Ann DeMello (2002/2003)
John W. Rogers Middle School, Rockland, Massachusetts
Millennial Scale Fluctuation of Dry Valley Lakes: A Test of Regional Climate Variability and the Interhemispheric (A) Synchrony with Dr. Brenda Hall

Elissa Elliott (1998/1999)
Mayo High School, Rochester, Minnesota
Dry Valleys with Dr. Christian Fritsen

Susy Ellison (2003/2004)
Yampah Mountain High School, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Robin Ellwood (2003/2004)
Rye Junior High School, Rye, New Hampshire
The McMurdo Dry Valleys Long-term Ecological Research (LTER) Project with Peter Doran

Fred Fotsch (2001/2002)
Glendale High School, Springfield Missouri
Astronomy at the South Pole with Dr. Al Harper and Dr. Jim Swietzer

Jan French (2001/2002)
Cincinnati Country Day School, Cincinnati, Ohio
International Trans-Antarctic Seintific Expedition (ITASE) with Dr. Paul Mayewski and Dr. Gordon Hamilton

Tom Geelan (1997/1998)
Buffalo, New York
Antarctic Echinoderm Development - Survival Through the Long, Dark Winter with Dr. Donal Manahan

Elizabeth Gibbs (2003/2004 Armada Project)
Thompson Middle School, Newport, Rhode Island

Kim Giesting (1997/1998)
Connersville High School, Connersville, Indiana
Growth of the Antarctic Ice Sheet During the Last Ice Age - Clues to the Future? Investigation from the R/V N.B. Palmer with Dr. John Anderson

Sharon Harris (1999/2000)
Mother of Mercy High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Control of Denitrification in a Permanently Ice Covered Antarctic Dry Valleys Lake with Dr. Bess Ward

Jerrilynn Hollyfield (2002/2003)
McElwain Elementary School, Birmingham, Alabama
Chemical Ecology of Shallow Water Marine Macroalgae & Invertabrates on the Antarctic Peninsula with Dr. Charles Amsler and Dr. James McClintock

Joanna Hubbard (1999/2000)
Hanshew Middle School, Anchorage, Alaska
Chemical Ecology of Shallow-water Marine Algae and Invertebrates
Antarctic Peninsula, Palmer Station with Dr. Chuck Amsler

Louise Huffman (2002/2003)
Kennedy Junior High School, Naperville, Illinois
Ecological Processes in a Cold Desert Ecosystem: The Abundance and Species Distribution of Algal Mats in Glacial Meltwater Streams in Taylor Valley, Antarctica with Dr. Diane McKnight and Dr. Daryl Moorhead

Paul Jones (2000/2001)
Montezuma Community Schools, Montezuma, Iowa
Monitoring Meltwater Stream Flow Changes and How They Influence the Dry Valleys' Ecosystem with Dr. Berry Lyons

Richard Jones (2000/2001)
Billings Senior High School, Billings, Montana
Climate Processes Involving Longwave Radiation with Dr. Steve Warren (University of Washington) and Dr. Von Walden (University of Idaho)

Tina King (2001/2002)
West Elementary School, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Seasonal Dynamics of Giant Agglutinated Foraminifera with Dr. Samuel S. Bower

Sandi Kolb
Communications Operator at South Pole Station

Kolene Krysl (2000/2001)
Millard Central Middle School, Omaha, Nebraska
Weddell Seal Colonies with Dr. Donald Siniff (University of Minnesota)

Michael Lampert (2003/2004)
West Salem High School, Salem, Oregon
Measurements addressing quantitative ozone loss, polar stratospheric cloud nucleation, and large polar stratospheric parcticles

Kevin Lavigne (2000/2001)
Hanover High School, Hanover, New Hampshire
Long Term Ecological Research Project with Dr. Ross Virginia (Dartmouth College)

Karina Leppik (2000/2001)
Choate-Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, Connecticut
Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope / Remote Observatory (AST/RO) with Dr. Chris Martin with Dr. Anthony Stark (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)

Jessica McNair (1996/1997)
Impact of Changes in the Polar Climate System on Marine Productivity aboard the R/V N.B. Palmer in Ross Sea with Dr. Amy Leventer
Jessica joined us as a "volunteer" to the TEA program

Eric Muhs (2002/2003)
Roosevelt High School ,Seattle, Washington
Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array with Dr. Robert Morse

George Palo (1995/1996)
Gig Harbor High School, Gig Harbor, Washington
Oceanography Investigations Aboard the R/V Polar Duke

Jean Pennycook (1999/2000)
Bullard High School, Fresno, California
Gas Collection and Analysis at the Summit of the Active Volcano Mt. Erebus with Dr. Philip Kyle

Mats Pettersson (2001/2002)
Angeredsgymnasiet, Goteborg, Sweden
Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array (AMANDA)
Teacher with The Swedish Polar Secretariat

Jason Petula (2001/2002)
Tunkhannock Area High School, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array (AMANDA) with Dr. Robert Morse

Bill Philips (1996)
Dover High School, Dover, Delaware
Exploring How Sheets of Magma May Form - Implications for Earth History from the Dry Valleys with Dr. Bruce Marsh

Marge Porter (1994/1995)
Woodstock Academy, Connecticut
Antarctic Sea Ice Investigations with Dr. Martin Jefferies

Larry Reynolds (2000/2001)
Liberty High School, Blue Hill, Maine
Glacial History of the Amundsen Sea Shelf with Dr. Thomas Kellogg (University of Maine)

Catherine Roberts (1999/2000)
W.E. Waters Middle School, Portsmouth, Virginia
Investigating the Impact of Phytoplankton Blooms on Seafloor Ecosystems from the R/V Gould with Dr. Craig Smith

Juanita Ryan (2001/2002)
Toyon Elementary School, San Jose, California
Antarctic Search for Meteorites with Dr. Ralph P. Harvey

Andrew L. Sajor (2003/2004)
Peru Central School, Peru, New York

Barb Schulz (1999, 2002/2003)
BioLab, Seattle, Washington
Long-Term Ecological Research of Lake Communities in the Dry Valleys with Dr. Robert Wharton

Sandra Shutey (1997/1998)
Butte High School, Butte Montana
Ice Core Drilling at Siple Dome with Dr. Mary Albert

Wendy Slijk (2000/2001)
La Costa Canyon High School, Carlsbad, California
Glacial History of Prydz Bay, with Dr. Amy Leventer (Colgate University)

Valerie Sloane (1999/2000)
Orcas Island Elementary School, Eastsound, Washington
Sulfur Sources for Salty Lakes in the Dry Valleys with Dr. John Priscu

Bruce Smith (1999/2000)
Appleton North High School, Appleton, Wisconsin
Investigating Past Climates through Palynology of the Cape Roberts Drill Cores with Dr. John Wrenn

Tom Spencer (1994/1995)
Center for Science and Technology
Chesapeake Public Schools, Virginia
Tracing Antarctic Muons And Neutrinos with AMANDA at Amundsen Scott Station

Steven Stevenoski (1995/1996)
Lincoln High School, Wisconsin
Exploring the Tectonic Development of the Antarctic Peninsula Region aboard the R/V N.B. Palmer with Dr. Larry Lawver and Dr. Gary Klinkhammer

Jennifer Stewart (1996/1997)
Student, University of New England, Armidale, Australia
Measuring Snow Accumulation and Changes on the Ross Ice Shelf with Dr. David Braaten

Amy Stoyles (2003/2004)
Harllee Middle School, Bradenton, Florida
Yeast in the Antarctic Dry Valleys: Biological role, distribution and evolution with Dr. Laurie Connell

William Swanson (2000/2001)
Montwood High School, El Paso, Texas
Long-Term Ecological Research Project with Dr. Raymond Smith, University of California at Santa Barbara

Dom Tedeschi (1997/1998)
Norwich Free Academy, Connecticut
Chemical Defenses of Antarctic Marine Invertebrates with Bill Baker and Jim McClintock

Rolf Tremblay (2000/2001)
Goodman Middle School, Gig Harbor, Washington
Ice Borehole Temperature Measurements with Dr. Gary Clow (U.S. Geological Survey), Robert Hawley (University of Washington), and Dr. Ed Waddington (University of Washington)

Betty Trummel (1998/1999)
Husmann Elementary, Crystal Lake, Illinois
Magnetic Properties of Sediment: Antarctica's Glacial History through the Cape Roberts Project with Dr. Kenneth Verosub

Hillary Tulley (1998/1999)
Niles North High School, Skokie, Illinois
Antarctic Glacial History from the Dry Valleys with Dr. George Denton

Tim Vermaat (2001/2001)
Chenango Forks Central School, Binghamton, New York
Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory and McMurdo Station with Dr. Phillip R. Kyle

Mimi Wallace (1999/2000)
Montwood High School, El Paso, Texas
Long-term Ecological Monitoring at Palmer Station on the Antarctic Peninsula with Karen Baker
Send mail to Mimi at mwallace@socorro.k12.tx.us

Michael Weiss (2002/2003)
Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth, Maine
The Ferrar magmatic-system, Dry Valleys, Antarctica with Dr. Bruce D. Marsh

Andre Wille (1999/2000)
Basalt High School, Basalt, Colorado
Size and colony distribution of Adelie penguins on Ross Island with Dr. David Ainley

Linda Wygoda (1995/1996)
Sam Houston High School, Louisiana
Investigating Ozone Through the Infrared Spectrum of the Atmosphere at Amundsen Scott Station with Dr. Frank J Murcray

Glenn Zwanzig (1998/1999)
DuPont Manual High School, Louisville, Kentucky
Antifreeze in Antarctic Fish with Dr. David Petzel

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